Jazz, Blues, Lounge & Funky music

By Simone Mens

About Simone Mens

My mother learned me to play the piano. For the music school I was still too small. At the age of 14, I started playing the double bass. The stage soon became my second home.

Besides the Mens Band I play with “Boris van de Lek & de Mensheid”(borisvanderlek.nl) en met “Passo a Passo” (passoapasso.nl). There are always projects that I can work on. And one of the newest projects is the Large International Woman’s Orchestra. An all – female band from all over the world. 



About the Mens Band

MB (short voor Mens Band) is my own idea. The line-up of MB depends on the event or situation. I create (of course with you) the best band for any event, concert, festival, party or terrace.

Everything is possible. For example, I can play with 2MB, a band of 2 (sax and double bass). Cheerful and small but with a big sound. But I can also play with a larger formation (up to 6MB) which is more suitable for a larger stage. A large band with a variety of brass instruments along with a hot Hammond sound, can be exchanged just as easily for something small with the warm sound of a jazz guitar. Everything can be customized to your event, except one thing  ….. I play the double bass!

Simone Mens


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